Even for native Munich people this museum is a rare one. It is called Museum for Classic Replicas and it shows a lot of statues, mostly Greek and Roman ones, but they are all replicas form the original ones. Not too many friends I know have been there. What a bummer!
You can get in for free, you can do some photographing, but only for private purpose, no tripod please and you have to gave credits to the museum.
I walked by just to see how it looks, so I had only my iPhone and my Nokia 808 with me. Image editing purely on the iPad, I used the PC only for propper resizing for the web.
A very, very interesting museum where you can come close to the objects. Very delightful lightsituation. But you may run into some art classes which like to use the museum to learn drawing.
So all images by myself, copyright Museum für Abgüsse klassischer Bildwerke (www.abgussmuseum.de).
You can see more images here: http://martinduerr.jimdo.com/2013/04/04/museum-for-what/
As always enjoy!

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